The Finance – State – Society Triangle in Europe

Three International Conferences at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Preparatory Student Seminar on Wednesday, 29 November, 14:00-18:00h

Financialization and the future of society

Venue Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit
Engaging the policymakers of tomorrow. Students from different (Dutch) universities, in Economics, Finance, Philosophy, Governance etc. In cooperation with the student communities of the Sustainable Finance Lab, Rethinking Economics and Centrum Ethos

International Conference, 23 January 2018

The past and the next forty years

Venue: Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit
International conference. Participants from Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. Policymakers from the financial sector, government, business, academy and civil society.

Around Ethics & Finance

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