The Finance – State – Society Triangle in Europe

Three International Conferences at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Preparatory Student Seminar on Wednesday, 29 November, 14:00-18:00h

Financialization and the future of society

Venue Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit
Engaging the policymakers of tomorrow. Students from different (Dutch) universities, in Economics, Finance, Philosophy, Governance etc. In cooperation with the student communities of the Sustainable Finance Lab, Rethinking Economics and Centrum Ethos

International Conference, 23 January 2018

The past and the next forty years

Venue: Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit
International conference. Participants from Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. Policymakers from the financial sector, government, business, academy and civil society.

Around Ethics & Finance

5 Feb 2018 | Amrit Baboeram
Waarom islamitisch bankieren wél standhoudt tijdens de crisis
Het vertrouwen in de financiële sector is door de crisis ernstig aangetast. Meer dan een kwart van de Nederlanders heeft nauwelijks vertrouwen in de ...

11 Jan 2018 | Kemal Derviş
The Danger in Today’s Good Economic News
Failure to stem the rise of inequality will fuel social tensions and already-resurgent nationalism, producing disruptions that will ultimately lead to ...

2 Jan 2018 | Michael Spence
The Missing Ingredients of Growth
Several positive macroeconomic trends suggest that the global economy could finally be in a position to achieve sustained and inclusive growth. But wh ...

2 Jan 2018 | J. Bradford DeLong
Why Low Inflation Is No Surprise
The persistence of low inflation in developed countries in recent years has confounded central bankers and economic policymakers, because they believe ...

15 Dec 2017 | Kaushik Basu
Inequality in the Twenty-First Century
As inequality continues to deepen worldwide, we do not have the luxury of sticking to the status quo. Unless we confront the inequality challenge head ...

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Centrum Èthos

13 Jun 2018 | Vrijdag 15 juni: extra informatiebijeenkomst master FCB

8 Jun 2018 | Studenten FCB over Spengler en de financialisering van de samenleving