The Finance – State – Society Triangle in Europe

Financialization and the future of society

Preparatory seminar

Wednesday, 29 November 2017, 13:30-18:00h
Auditorium Symphony Building,
Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Registration: follow the link on your invitation

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13.30 Coffee

13.45 Welcome and introduction by the moderator– Marleen Janssen Groesbeek

13.55 Lecture - Haroon Sheikh
Comments - Arnoud Boot (t.b.c.)

14.25 Conversation

14.45 Break – coffee

15.15 Lecture - Maarten Biermans
Comments - Ronald Jeurissen

15.45 Conversation

16.05 Lecture - Christiaan Vos
Comments - Ad Verbrugge

16.35 College tour – conversation with Haroon Sheikh, Arnoud Boot (t.b.c.), Maarten Biermans, Ronald Jeurissen, Christiaan Vos and Ad Verbrugge

17.45 Closing remarks by the moderator

17.50 Drinks


“Talk of the future” should be done by the generation of the future. When discussing the big issues of tomorrow on Ethics & Finance, we actively want to engage in a dialogue with those who will most likely be involved. But, as the dialogue should not be restricted to the youngsters, somewhat more senior academics, financial experts and policy makers will also be invited. Therefore, the attendees have been specifically invited upon their knowledge of, and acquaintance with, the topic of Ethics & Finance, and are mainly from organizations that actively engage future generations in their work. Selected, high profile members of the following organizations have been invited:




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